Allison Field is a skilled professional with over 6 years of successful project management, strategy, policy and analysis experience within the federal government and by way of independent consulting. Government experience includes large-scale projects with budgets over $1 million with national impact; affecting over 250 Service Canada locations and over 1000 staff members.  Proven skills include problem-solving, forging relationships with stakeholders, working well under pressure, and adapting to changing priorities.  

Allison has lived in Montreal, Ottawa and South Korea, studying and working in a number of fields. She has an open and collaborative teaching philosophy and brings several years of private, not-for-profit and government experience to her classes. Having worked in a number of professional settings, she provides students with access to her breadth of experience.

In 2013, Allison returned to Saskatchewan and in 2014 she graduated from the MBA program at the Edwards School of Business. She is enjoying being back in her home province and having the opportunity to invest time in her favorite hobby: horseback riding.