In the spring of 1998 I completed my BSc Phys Ed (with Distinction) from the University of Saskatchewan and, duringthat process, I also obtained my Certified Exercise Physiologist designation through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. Subsequently I enrolled in the U of S' Kinesiology Master's program and achieved my MSc in the winter of 2000. My thesis was a longitudinal study funded by the Heart & Stroke Foundation looking at the relationships between: perceptions of the physical self, physical activity, smoking, and disordered eating behavior in adolescent females across Saskatchewan over a two year period.

Then, from 2000-2005, I worked within the Fitness and Recreation Department at The Banff Centre for Continuing Education and, during my tenure there, I was fortunate to occupy a variety of positions which exposed me to numerous professional experiences. Initially I was hired as a consultant that primarily utilizd my background in Exercise Physiology; however, as I made my way through the organization, I ended up in a more administrative role as the Director of the Department, which required oversight of a wide variety of divisions including: Fitness & Health, Aquatics, Climbing, Community Programs, and other fee-for-service activities. In addition to this, I also had the unique opportunity to be a part of a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program and see it grow from inception to a full-fledged community program sponsored by the Health Region.

In 2005 I returned to the U of S to accept a term position as the Health and Fitness Coordinator in the College of Kinesiology, which included two semesters of teaching Kinesiology 281.3 - Fitness Foundations for Life. After the term position conlcuded I capitalized on my enjoyment of teaching and went on to continue sessional lecturing for the College of Kinesiology, the U of S' Indian Teaching Education Program (ITEP), the U of S' Royal West Transition Program, as well as St. Peter's College. The courses that I have taught include: Kinesiology 121.3 - Functional Basis of Physical Activity; Kinesiology 225.3 - Introduction to Exercise Physiology I (Muscle & Metabolism); and Kinesiology 226.3 - Introduction to Exervise Physiology II (Cardio-respiratory).

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to teach at St. Peter's College as it is a unique environmnet in which there is a real sense of community. It is my opinion that the smaller classes better facilitate a more meaningful experience for both the students and the instructors.  I hope that the closer contact I have with the students at St. Peter's will not only enable an enhanced learning experience, but will also promote a healthy lifestyle as students learn to practically apply the theories learned.

Classes: Kin 121 Kin 150